Theta healing

Theta Healing is a powerful form of energy healing to clear and update limiting beliefs.

I'm now offering in-person sessions again in my light and spacious healing room!

Or via WhatsApp, phone or Skype.

Energy healing can work remotely or in-person anywhere in the world.

What is Theta healing?

Theta Healing is energy healing that works through Unconditional Love. It clears and updates our patterns, creating change from the mind, down into the molecular level of the body. Outdated beliefs and feelings can be cleared and allowing us to live more fully through joy, love and peace, without re-living the past.Theta healing is like a "software" update for your mind and soul.

I've enjoyed facilitating around 1500 Theta healing sessions now and watched so many people's lives change for the better.


Sessions are £100 - allow 90-120 minutes

Let's lift and shift!

Here's a FREE Theta healing meditation for create more self love and self esteem.....please enjoy click here to go to youtube

What can Theta healing help with?

Experiencing Unconditional Love

Creating healthy relationships

Feeling safe

Feeling good enough

Clearing family issues (e.g. mother / father)

Childhood issues

Eating issues ; your relationship with your body

Physical ailments and conditions (clear cellular memory)

Giving and Receiving Love and Abundance

and plenty more

Some frequently asked questions...

How does Theta healing work?

We explore times in the past where you have learned specific unconscious beliefs that are no longer useful, such as: "I am not good enough", "I don't deserve a loving relationship." Often we have created patterns from our ancestors and/or childhood to survive.

Once these beliefs are identified, I ask your permission to clear them. I do this by going into the Theta brainwave - a level of consciousness that allows spontaneous creative change to occur from Source energy/ Unconditional Love. Unwanted emotions (anger, shame, guilt,etc), and memories can release, leaving you free to experience more love, freedom and harmony.

With updated, empowering beliefs in place, you are free to create better relationships, healthier finances and abundance, a healthier body, find a compatible partner, improve your communication skills, find direction, and so on,

What may l I experience?

During the session, you may be aware of sensations in your body, such as tingling or feeling more light-headed. You may not experience anything at all. Many people comment on how peaceful they feel during a session. You may feel tired or energized after a session, as your mind is literally "re-wiring" it's synapses to install your new beliefs!

Often after 24-48 hours, there is a sense of feeling different or noticing that you not re-running the same old thoughts and beliefs around an issue, but are running a new, more positive set of thoughts and beliefs. You may contact me to discuss anything from the Theta Healing session.

How often do I come for Theta Healing?

I would strongly recommend a course of two, three or four sessions to kick-start the "new, improved you". People often report how much they have shifted their blockages and feel and act more positively after a course of sessions.


Sessions are £100 - allow 90-120 minutes

Let's lift and shift!

What my clients say...