Reiki with Crystal healing

Reiki is a healing energy.

It is gentle, powerful and intelligent.

'Rei' means Universal and ''Ki' means life force energy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Universal Life force energy that flows through all matter. Sometimes this is also called 'prana', 'chi', 'universal energy', Source' or Ki. Once a practitioner has been attuned to reiki, they can allow the subtle energy of reiki to flow through their hands and direct it to others for healing.

Let the natural healing energy and colour of crystals restore balance and harmony.

What is Crystal healing?

Crystals and gemstones have a natural vibration - a frequency of healing energy. When the frequency of a specific crystal comes into contact with us, it promotes a change.

For instance, an amethyst crystal has a soothing and calming vibration, so having it close to us can promote relaxation.

The crystals act like a tuning fork, bringing their light and frequency into our being, so that our cells and energy centres can resonate at their optimum level.

During a Reiki with Crystal healing session, we choose specific crystals for your layout - on and around your body.

This will help to restore tranquility, energy and balance for your mind, body and heart.

The effects will continue after the session has finished.

Mo has been using crystals since the 1990's and has taught Crystal healing at City Lit, City and Islington college and has run a crystal mail order business and written a home study course on Crystal healing. She studied in Kauai at The Crystal Academy with world renowned healer Katrina Raphaell.

Pricing & Combo Treatments

Investment £70

Treatments are 90 minutes long in my wonderful therapy room in Bounds Green, Enfield, North London.

Reiki with Theta healing to focus on an issue

Prepare to shift your energy to another level and feel lighter and brighter.


Some frequently asked questions...

What can Reiki with crystals help with?

Reiki with crystals is a holistic treatment: it works on all levels of a person. You may experience:

physically - relief from aches and pains, more energy, detoxification

mentally - relief from stress, calmness, clarity, more focus

emotionally - a release of "old" emotions, a sense of well being, balance

spiritually - a "lightness" of being, feeling more connected to yourself and to life, more purpose

The healing energy will direct itself to where it is most needed at the time.

What will I experience?

During the session, you may be aware of sensations around your body or in your body, such as heat, cold, a breeze or tingling. You may not experience anything at all. Many people comment on how relaxed or peaceful they feel during a treatment.

How does a Reiki with crystals session work?

Once we have talked through how best to support you we will place the crystals on and around your body, I connect with your energies, Reiki energy and the frequency of Unconditional Love.

I give Reiki to your whole body, focusing on the areas that need most balancing and also download Unconditional Love into your being, the vibration of the crystals will amplify the healing. We finish with grounding you.

How often do I come for a Reiki with crystals treatment?

Every treatment works to de-congest you and to re-balance you.

If you are new to Reiki with crystals, I would recommend coming for a session and seeing how you respond. A course of a few treatments is usually beneficial or you may prefer to come once a month for a top-up.

I do not diagnose conditions or issues.

Reiki with crystals is compatible with medical treatments and with other therapies.

Investment £70

Treatments are 90 minutes long in my wonderful therapy room in Bounds Green, Enfield, North London.