Reflexology is a therapeutic

foot massage treatment

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a specific type of foot massage to stimulate points in the feet. Each point on the feet is referred to as a reflex.

Think of the feet as a "mini map" of your body: all organs, body systems, muscles, bones and glands are represented by reflexes.

Applying pressure on a particular point/reflex may produce a change in the corresponding part of the body, e.g. by massaging the spinal reflex, the actual spine may release tension.


Pricing & Combo Treatments

Reflexology investment £60

Treatments are 90 minutes long in my wonderful therapy room in Bounds Green, Enfield, North London.

Reiki with Reflexology: Heaven and Earth treatment £80

This 90 minutes is a great combo and very popular. Full Reflexology treatment on your feet to de-congest, then 30-45mins of Reiki to relax.

What can Reflexology help with?

More Energy


Relieve Anxiety

Hormonal Balance

Assist with fertility


Relief from aches and pains

Some frequently asked questions...

What can Reflexology help with?

Reflexology is a holistic treatment: it works on all levels of a person.

You may experience:

Relief from aches and pains: such as backache, shoulder tension; irritable bowel; reduce inflammation by producing cortisol naturally and endorphins, such as serotonin and dopamine - "happy chemicals"

More energy: blood circulation and oxygenation is improved; toxins are released, e.g., uric acid; lymphatic drainage is improved, eliminating waste from the body, such as lactic acid; hormones are brought into balance. e.g. adrenal glands, digestion can be improved.

Relaxation: as the central nervous system is calmed, possibly reducing blood pressure, anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Studies show that Reflexology can assist in fertility, ease pregnancy and delivery; complement cancer care by helping with pain and nausea

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology aims to clear the energy pathways of the body, releasing blocked energy and restoring the body's natural balance.

By massaging the foot reflexes, the reflexologist may identify which parts of the body could be out of balance and work to bring them back into balance. Reflexes for the body can be found on the feet, hands, ears, face and other places. The feet are treated, as they are so responsive, with over 7,000 nerve endings.

I do not diagnose conditions or issues.

What may I experience?

During the session, you may be aware of sensations in your feet, such as tenderness, "grittiness", tingling, Your digestive system may gurgle when we work on these reflexes! All these are indications of where I focus extra attention during your treatment and will be explained to you. You may not experience anything at all. Many people comment on how relaxed they feel after a treatment.

After a Reflexology session, you may experience a "clearing out" of toxins, as your body rids itself of congestion. This normally passes after 48 hours and your body will generally feel energised, aches and pains often ease up, your mind clearer and your emotions more settled. You may contact me to discuss anything from the Reflexology treatment.

How often do I come for a Reflexology treatment?

Every treatment works to de-congest you and to re-balance you.

If you are experiencing a chronic condition (e.g. backache or digestive difficulties), I would recommend a course of at least three sessions

Many people like to come once a month for a "maintenance" session, to keep things balanced.