Good vibrations!

You will always find me wearing some crystal jewellery, placing crystals under my pillow at night and balancing my energy centres (chakras) with a crystal layout regularly. I first got into crystals in the 1990's, attracted to their natural beauty and healing properties. I found myself gravitating to shiny hematite bracelets to ground myself;  pink rose quartz supported my heart by radiating a loving vibration and glittery grey celestite transported me into the clouds.

After training in Crystal healing in Kauai and teaching this for 20 years in adult education, I realised that hundreds of others were also curious about these natural healing beauties, too. Crystal healing is under the umbrella of vibrational healing, like flower essences and sound baths. When our body and energy systems go out of balance or we become ill, our vibration changes. We can become 'flat' and/or 'out of sync'.

Every crystal has a vibration that is a specific frequency. Some frequencies are relaxing, some energising, some uplifting, some grounding, and so on. When these frequencies come into contact with us, they can help to restore our equilibrium. If we are 'flat' they can uplift and harmonize us if we are 'out of sync', they can bring us back into alignment. Crystals can act like a 'tuning fork' to restore our natural vibrations and help to promote healing on all levels.

Please feel free to book your Crystal healing session and you will also receive Reiki healing with it for a full 90 minutes!